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Barham 'B' Pit (Claydon)

This is our largest venue and provides quality fishing suitable for all styles of coarse angling. The lake was originally three separate waters which were later joined to one. There are over one hundred pegs, with varying depths and features, including islands, gravel bars, bays, Lilly pads and reeds, with every peg having a choice of features to fish from.

During the summer months the many gravels bars can be clearly seen by the beds of Lilly pads growing on them, these pads grow out into the water and provide a useful aid to locating the gravel bars, which make good features to fish to.

Night fishing is permitted on this venue following the purchase of a separate night ticket, making it popular with Carp and specialist anglers and those wishing to sample fishing after dark.

Barham B Pit



Could all members be aware,

No piking until November (Piking allowed between November to March Only).

No river fishing.

No guest tickets.

Parking is going to be an ongoing problem until further notice.

Barham B Pit New Stock 2015
The club are pleased to announce the stocking of 45 three summer old Mark Simmons carp all around 6 pounds. These are fast growing fish expected to grow to twenty pounds in three years. They are micro chipped to prevent theft. Barham B Pit Stocking 2015 Gallery

Barham B Pit


Key Species:


Carp - stock to over thirty pounds
Roach and Rudd
Bream - large amounts of Bream

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