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A.G.M 2015-2016

Gaps  A.G.M Meeting 2015-2016

Firstly apologies for the delay in writing this.

Monday evening (13th April) was the societies A.G.M held at the Bramford British Legion,

53 member’s attended and some very constructive decisions were made.

7 proposals were submitted and voted upon.

These are as follows:

  1. That no keepnets be allowed in the Alderson canal during the months:

June, July and August unless in organised club matches.

40 in favour, 0 against – Carried

  1. That barbless hooks only to be used on the Alderson Canel no barbed or miceo-barbed hooks of any description to be used.

13 in favour, 17 against – not carried

  1. That night fishing be allowed on the societies waters at Sproughton (including sugar beet) and Bramford during the laid-down season, subject to possession of a night fishing permit.

Seconder not in attendance at A.G.M therefor proposal could not be put to vote.

  1. That baitboats be allowed on Causeway Lake.

20 in favour, 4 against – carried

  1. That vacuum packed, blast frozen, coarse dead baits be allowed on society waters.

29 in favour, 0 against – carried

  1. That fishing on the small lake at Alderson shall be permitted till 10.30pm, subject to pssesion of a night fishing permit.

33 in favour, 0 against – carriedHome

  1. That Alderson large lake and Alderson small lake shall be joined, by means of an excavator to create new swims and a larger lake for all fish to move around, 2 islands to be created of what is now the Causeway between the lakes.

10 in favour, 23 against – not carried


Members are reminded that the rules changes do not come into force until June 1st 2015.

The committee reserve the right to amend any rules as necessary and I shall be writing another article following the 1st meeting of the new committee.

It was decided at the A.G.M that senior permit prices are to remain the same, Junior membership is to be £5 and for the 1st time a rivers only ticket is to be made available £40, no concessions, no voting rights at A.G.M.


The Election of Offices for the 2015-2016 Season as follows:


 A Tweed

Honorary Vice Presidents:

P J Hughes-Reckit, B C Tooke JP CBE, J Raistrick FCA,

D R Robinson, with R Richards to be added to the list of honorary vice presidents.

Vice Presidents:

R Watson FCA, S Fryett, G Keeble, S Airey, T Elmer, L Hart, K Elmy, C Jakubowski, with P Plloard and J Rozier to be added to the list of vice presidents and M Barrell to be made an honorary life member of the society.


P Pollard

Vice Chairman:

J Rozier


D Page

Finance Officer:

R Pipe

Minute Clerk:

D Page

Match Secretary:


Junior Match Secretary:


The committee for the 2015-2016 season wil be:

D Page

J Rozier

R Pipe

T Bennington

I Woods

K Elmy


Any members wishing to volunteer to fill the match secretary or the junior match secretary should contact the secretary on 07860240895.


Aside from the A.G.M . I would like to thanks the members that attended the last work party at Alderson,

Duncan, Carl, John, Keith, Ken, Chuddy, Peter, Justin and myself attended to concreting ducts under the gates and attaching insulators to prepare for electrification of the otter fence.

Thanks also to those that have helped with the otter fence outside of work parties recently- Chuddy, Keith, Miles, John, Peter, Andy, Bart and Keith. The Project is now nearing completion.

The recent work parties at Alderson have been really enjoyable occasions and a great deal has been achieved.

I am planning a final work party at Alderson to replace the steps in pegs 6-10 and possibly electrify the otter fence on Sat 25th April 8am to 1pm all volunteers will be welcome


Tight Lines

D Page

General Secretary.

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