Gipping Angling Preservation Society
Gipping Angling Preservation Society

Secretary's Report 2015



Welcome to the annual general meeting and Thank you for attending this evening.


My second year in office as the Secretary of G.A.P.S.


As you can see from the balance sheet and statement of membership, the Societies finances have stabilized nicely. Membership is slightly down, I believe this is because of the lack of progress with the small lake at Alderson and the weed problem in the large lake last summer. Night Permit sales have hit record levels and the membership is now over 80% Specimen anglers.


On behalf of myself and the Committee,

I have some people to thank this evening, firstly our Chairman Mr. Peter Pollard, Also in his second year of office have again contributed massively and have been a leading figure in transforming the large stock pond at Alderson so it is now ready to receive stock fish.

John Rozier, Who has superbly managed the Otter Fence project at Alderson, which is now complete and ready for electrification. Ken Elmy for his help with maintenance and increasing attendances at O.A.P. Matches,

whilst attendances at senior matches have continued to decline.

Andy Arbon for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in the toilets at Alderson and for regularly spraying weed killer around the otter fence. Miles Barrell for his commitment to help with maintenance at all waters.

Finally I would like to thank Stacy Bird for re-designing the Societies website and Facebook page and thus enabling potential members to join online a massive boost to the Society.


Several changes were made at last year’s A.G.M. which have been to the benefit of the Society. Night fishing at Alderson has been permitted all the year round, Night fishing at Causeway is now allowed along with Bait Boats at Barham.

These amendments to the rules have been of benefit to the society and caused no problems as yet.

After last year’s A.G.M. The Chairman and I spent many hours at local stock ponds, catching stock fish for the canal at Alderson. This improved the venue dramatically and together with the notable improvement in catches on the River Gipping this past winter, the society now has more to offer the general angler. This however also adds to the disappointment in declining attendances at senior matches.

Small Carp have been stocked into Barham B Pit for the second year running. The result of this is that

Angler numbers at B Pit have improved 100% on 2 years ago. This I believe shows the importance of continued investment at Barham.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank committee member Richard Gostling who will be standing down this evening, although not familiar with many members, Richards contribution in the last 2 years has been considerable.

I would like to pay tribute this evening to the late Trevor Cook. One of the most loyal servants to the Society. Trevor always had time for a kind word for those who contribute to the Society and will be very sadly missed.

Finally, I would like to say, we have some very important decisions to make tonight. The Society is in a Strong Position, Catches are improving on all venues, and early joining has already passed last year’s total figure. Progress has been made and together we can make G.A.P.S. great again!


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