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Message from Vice-Chairman

The main purpose of this newsletter is to notify you all of the clubs proposals for a winter/half membership ticket, although there is some other news to follow this information.
Winter/Half Membership Ticket
The society is offering a winter ticket although what is on offer this year is slightly different to previous years.  Where we have offered various forms of a reduced ticket in the past this has often created quite an admin burden for those running the club, in particular the secretary.  We have previously tried reducing the price on a scale depending on the month you join, and also we have offered join for the rest of the season and get the whole of the next season on a pro rata rate.  This all creates administrative work and at times can cause bailiffing complications for example if the member has yet to receive their new membership book.  There is also the thought that on a reducing scale per month as what we did last year, then joining for the last two months is in effect the cost of a long weekend on some day ticket fisheries.
Therefore, this year we are trying something different.  The club is in a relatively stable financial position at present, and membership is also relatively stable.  On this basis what is more important is getting work done.  We have a huge struggle in getting volunteers to help run the club and maintain the waters and as usual it’s the same few people doing most/all of the work, however more on this later.
Anyone wishing you join the society from now until June 1st can do so for £75 (which includes a night ticket) subject to attending a work part on 20th January at Alderson Lake  between 08:30 – 15:30.  We have lots of jobs which we desperately need doing and if people are serious about joining and being a part of the club then this is an opportunity to be a part of our society.  We are not intending to offer this membership without attendance of this work party.
Other clubs do similar such ventures and going forward this is likely to be something which we may look at doing on a more regular basis.  We hope that this work party will attract those wishing to join, but we also have some existing members who will be helping out on this work party, therefore if you are an existing member you are more than welcome to attend PLEASE :-) so once again, 20th January for a work party at Alderson.
Causeway Fence
Those which have fished Causeway over the last few months will have seen the otter fence being erected.  There are some third party land issues which are being sorted out by the landowner which will need to be sorted before the project can be finished therefore final completion will be determined by this being resolved.  However we will need some help here with clearance of vegetation around the nature reserve area.  There is likely to be some work parties to undertake this work, and if you are able to assist in any way please contact Andrew or Ian.
Fish Stocks
We have stocked the large stock pond with a mixture of carp tench and rudd, and there are further carp earmarked for the smaller stock pond.  These fish are a mixture of sizes and once the weather warms up they will be feed to help them grow on.  There is no fishing allowed in these stock ponds, but if you have any left-over bait please feed either these stock ponds or the canal rather than disposing of unwanted bait.
Fish Captures
Not a lot to report due to the weather.  Of note are some winter tench which have shown up here and there, and Alderson has been throwing up the odd carp here and there but patience is required in cold water conditions.  Of note for those carp fishing Alderson, please go easy on introducing bait, whilst there is a good head of fish in there, their metabolism will be very slow particularly as the water is probably only 2 degrees at the moment.  Bait introduced may not get eaten for a while and bait decomposing doesn’t help water quality and weed growth.  A reminder that pre-baiting is not allowed on any of our venues, and certainly isn’t necessary on at Alderson if it were allowed.
There have been some pike caught, but as you may know I’m a very keen pike angler and what pike don’t like is being caught and fished for.  Indeed if they are caught too many times, particularly if they are deep hooked or lose too much protective slime they will go downhill very quickly.  Therefore you won’t see any pike pictures on my Facebook page and if I’m piking and you ask me what I’ve caught then don’t expect me to reel off details of every fish I’ve caught!  A reminder on this note, it’s important to use strong tackle and the right unhooking equipment.  Don’t keep pike out of the water too long, if you need to put them back in the water in the net between photographing and unhooking, then this will help the fish recover.  And finally, on pike welfare, the importance of strong tackle is so that you don’t break off and leave a baited trace in the water.  If a pike swallows a trace this often means it will die if it’s not removed, so don’t leave baited traces in the water – use mon in excess of 15 pounds and braid in excess of 30 pounds.
The river, particularly at Bramford/Hazlewood is always worth a look for roach this time of year but it’s dependent upon the condition, flow and colour so it’s worth a look a day or so before fishing if possible.  But the rewards are there for the roach angler, and if you haven’t caught a one-pound roach this is a realistic target from here if the conditions are right.  Those that fish for roach regularly will tell you that bread punch is the best bait, although I haven’t ever mastered this so maggots is my favoured tactic.
Appeal for Volunteers
As mentioned earlier, the club struggles with carrying out work to our waters, and it’s often the same few who are doing the work – that’s not to say non-physical work which others carry out isn’t valued.
Therefore, if you are able and willing to help in any way please contact Andrew the Secretary, Ian the Chairman, or one of our bailiffs.  We can find a job for anyone no matter how physically impaired they are so please help and get in touch.
Likewise, if you have any rubble or hardcore that you want disposed of we have plenty of potholes around our waters.  Providing what you wish to dispose of is safe (no nails etc) then please fill a suitable hole ensuring the rubble is broken up into smaller lumps with either a sledge hammer or lump hammer – the local tip charges now to dump this!  Also, if you have access to any scaffold poles, boards, or sleepers we always have a need for such materials so please donate any unwanted materials.
If we don’t see an improvement in uptake for voluntary work, then the club will need to review how work is carried out.  A likely option is paying contractors, but of course the downside to this is that this money won’t go back into the club and I for one would not be keen on this.  Another possibility is increasing our membership costs, but the increase would be waived if you attend some work parties.  The winter ticket mentioned earlier in this newsletter will be a good test of this.
However, once again, please if you can help us please get in touch to offer your services.
Alderson Toilet
Please use this facility, if you are caught not doing so (number two) then you are likely to be banned.  Please do not use anything other than toilet paper, as the toilet will get blocked.  To be on the safe side it is always worth taking your own paper.  And finally, if a second flush is required please wait for the cistern to fill up and I have had to replace the lever previously where someone has pumped the lever trying to flush it.  That’s enough toilet talk………….
I think that is about it for now, just a reminder if you know of anyone wanting to join for the rest of the season please pass on the information regarding this joining option, and also to reiterate our request for volunteers to help out with work parties/maintenance work.
Happy New Year
John Rozier
Vice President





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