GAPS Waters - Barham 'B' Pit (Claydon)

This is our largest venue and provides quality fishing suitable for all styles of coarse angling. The lake was originally three separate waters which were later joined to one. There are over one hundred pegs, with varying depths and features, including islands, gravel bars, bays, Lilly pads and reeds, with every peg having a choice of features to fish from.

During the summer months the many gravels bars can be clearly seen by the beds of Lilly pads growing on them, these pads grow out into the water and provide a useful aid to locating the gravel bars, which make good features to fish to.

Night fishing is permitted on this venue following the purchase of a separate night ticket, making it popular with Carp and specialist anglers and those wishing to sample fishing after dark.

Barham B Pit

Vehicular access is permitted around half of the lake, although in wet conditions temporary restrictions may be in place.

The lake has produced specimen bream, Tench, Roach, Pike, and several Carp to over thirty pounds. In the winter months the shoaled up silver fish regularly produce good match weights, with good weights having been caught in the car park bay area, and along the A14 bank, between pegs 50 - 60.

The Carp stock ranges from high single figure fish stocked relatively recently, to fish over thirty pounds, with all size ranges in between. However as can be expected the larger fish can prove to be elusive at getting caught.

Alderson Small Lake

The lake holds very good Bream stocks and many matches have been won with good nets of bream, nets of over fifty pounds get caught when lucky anglers locate a feeding shoal. The Bream have been known to feed well at night with many a carp angler encountering the bream shoals during the dark hours. Anglers targeting Bream are advised to fish into the evening, or early morning, with pellet laced groundbait being an effective tactic.

As with any large venue the key to success is location, therefore a bit of watercraft and a lap around the lake prior to fishing or the evening before can pay dividends. This is particularly applicable for anglers targeting the Carp stocks, with mobility often being effective.

Please observe all the rules at this fishery as it is our flagship water, and please don't forget to take all your litter home at the end of the day.

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Key Species:

  • Carp

    - stock to over thirty pounds
  • Roach and Rudd

  • Bream

    - large amounts of Bream
  • Tench

  • Pike