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Gaps Waters

The society currently has still water venues comprising a total of 7 lakes in the Ipswich area and 6 River Gipping stretches.

Alderson Lakes

Alderson Lake Complex Information

ALDERSON LARGE LAKE is currently our premier carp water with fish upto 36lb+, Tench and Bream to double figures and pike to 28lb and a large silver fish stock.

ALDERSON SMALL LAKE is a gem of a water offering carp upto 20lb, double figure Tench, Bream and a large head of silvers. There is no night fishing on the small alke.

ALDERSON CANAL has recenlty been restocked and offers match and pleasure fishing for a variety of species including carp, roach, golden rudd, tench, perch and crucian carp.

Causeway Lakes

Causeway Lake Complex Information

CAUSEWAY LAKE is fed directly by the River Gipping and is currently undergoing a major refurbisment and re-stocking and has stunning carp to 36lb+, 20lb plus pike, double figure Bream and Tench and a large head of silvers.

PERCH PIT is a deep pool behind the main lake and is currenly being redeveloped and has Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch, the pike are currenly being removed to allow for the stocking of Crucian Carp.

CAUSEWAY LAGOON is fed by the main lake and exits into the River Gipping. This is a fantastic winter fish refuge with all species fish present and at 16ft deep offers fantastic mixed fishing.

River Gipping

River Gipping Fishing

SHARMFORD LOCK The fishing mainly comprises of silver fish, the odd Tench, Perch and Pike. The river gets weedy in the summer, clear spots can be found, although a weed rake is a valuable addition to the tackle bag, particularly when fishing for the Tench.

BRAMFORD The Bramford stretch is a favorite venue for the winter river fishermen of the club as it presents an ideal river environment for all river species with Roach, Perch, Tench, Bream and Pike being the main species.

SPROUGHTON The Sproughton stretch of the river Gipping Starts at the road bridge and progresses downstream past the old sugar beet factory up to the first railway bridge where the Ipswich Councils Stretch starts. It contains every species that a river should have although at times of weedy or low levels can be difficult to fish, but can be very rewarding for the dedicated angler.

ELTON WATER BANK Accessible from the 'Hadleigh Road Industrial Area. This is a prime stretch of the river Gipping with a large head of Roach, Tench & Bream, with all other species present at various times of the year. It seems to fish best at times of flow and colour but holds other surprises.

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