Gipping Angling Preservation Society
Gipping Angling Preservation Society

Officers of the Society 2020

President (interim) -  Peter Pollard
Chairman (interim) - Peter Pollard
Vice Chairman - Robbie Beecroft
Hon. Secretary - John Rozier

Finance Officer - Roly Pipe
Match Secretary - (Joint) Steve Airey
Match Secretary - (Joint) Les Hart
Junior Match Secretary - George Rodwell
Minute Clerk - Wayne Scase

Committee Member - Andrew Winfield
Committee Member - Wayne Scase
Committee Member - Ryan Baker
Committee Member - Stacy Bird
Committee Member - Robbie Beecroft


Committee Member - Les Hart


Committee Member - David Padmoore


Birds Tackle Birds Tackle
Breakaway Tackle Breakaway Tackle
Colchester Bait & Tackle Colchester Bait & Tackle
Gladwells Pet and Country Store Gladwells Pet and Country Store
Saxmundham Angling Saxmundham Angling
Viscount Tackle Viscount Tackle
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