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River Gipping (Sharmford Lock)

This part of the River Gipping is a widened section which runs downstream from the Causeway Lakes complex. The river is fishable from one side only starting from the old Lock behind Causeway Lake, down to the Bailey bridge at the entrance to the gravel workings. Because of the width there is little flow unless the river is in flood, although this does make the venue suited to the Tench which reside in this section of river. There are beds of Lilly pads and marginal reeds which make good features.

This venue is relatively shallow making it more suited to waggler or pole tactics, although the depths increase towards the Baily Bridge. When it is in flood a stick float, or a maggot feeder is more suited.


There are two car parks, one just beyond the dairy farm on the right of the access track, and another at the far end of the fishery by the entrance to the gravel workings parallel to the railway line.


The fishing mainly comprises of silver fish, the odd Tench, Perch and Pike. The river gets weedy in the summer, clear spots can be found, although a weed rake is a valuable addition to the tackle bag, particularly when fishing for the Tench.

Please observe the rules at all times as this is on the site of a working farm and always shut all the gates when entering or leaving the property.

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