Rules & Constitution

Basic Rules and Regulations Governing all GAPS Fisheries

  1. No fires .
  2. No fuel burning lamps.
  3. No fish to taken away or brought to fisheries (except Dead Sea fish bait).
  4. No live-baiting with fish on any Society water. (Ratified at the 2004 AGM).
  5. All swims to be kept clear of litter always.
  6. Do not dig away banks or interfere with trees or plants of any kind.
  7. Fishing from numbered pegs only (where provided).
  8. No more than two persons to occupy any one peg.
  9. No more than two rods per angler, except for three rods applying to the period from October through to April on all waters.
  10. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. Mopeds/Motorcycles are not allowed on the banks.
  11. Observe any Special Notices that may be erected and do not occupy any reserved pegs.
  12. No unauthorised guests to be taken to any fishery.
  13. Do not obstruct any Public Footpath with fishing tackle, etc.
  14. No pre-baiting of swims allowed.
  15. Fishing allowed only from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset (accept where Night fishing is Permitted) and the property must be vacated during the hours of darkness.
  16. No radios or other broadcasting equipment allowed