Club Membership

**Membership Update for the Upcoming Season 24-25**

Hello everyone,

As we gear up for the next season, I’ve been inundated with inquiries about joining our community. To streamline the process and save time on individual responses, here’s a quick rundown of how we’ll handle memberships:

**New Members:**
– **Interested in Joining?** Create an account on our website with your name, address, email, etc.
– **Stay Tuned for Membership Details** for the 2024/2025 season. You’ll receive an email with application instructions once details are released.
– **No Waiting List:** Please note, we do not maintain a waiting list.

**Existing Members Seeking an Upgrade:**
– **Looking to Upgrade?** You’ll have the opportunity to apply for an upgrade closer to the time. Wait for an email with instructions.

**Existing Member Renewals:**
– **Ready to Renew?** Simply log in to your account and make a payment after receiving the renewal email with detailed instructions, including how, when, and the costs for the next season.

**Important Dates:**
– **Emails with All Details** will be sent out in April, following the AGM on the 8th. This is to ensure any AGM-related changes are included.

**Application Windows:**
– Specific application and renewal windows will be provided. Failure to renew within your window will result in your membership being considered for resale.

**High Demand Alert:**
– Given the high interest, it’s likely that available memberships will not suffice for everyone interested.

**Night Permits:**
– These are limited and increasingly hard to acquire as current holders are retaining them.

**Account Closure:**
– If you wish to close your account and stop receiving communications from us, you’ll have the option to do so upon receiving the April email.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we prepare for another exciting season.

Best regards,

Membership 2023

Membership 23

With the implementation of a new joining system now in place we will shortly be in a position to open up membership for the 23/24 season. This will go on sale on the 5th April, very soon after the AGM on the 3rd of April . That is unless there are any major events at the AGM which is not expected.As previously explained this will be earlier than usual because as it is a new system I want to ensure we get memberships sent out in time.  I Think we have covered every potential problem but you never know with computer problems.For the time being can any CURRENT MEMBERS wishing to upgrade their current membership please with any requests. This may be from river to full or the addition of a night ticket etc. I can then try to accommodate these requests. In the subject line of the email put the word UPGRADE.I would also like any prospective new members who wish to join to email as well. Email the same account with a few words about yourself and if any current members will vouch for you. In the subject line write NEW MEMBER. Again I will get back to you asap if we have spaces available.Once membership opens any person who just wants to renew their current membership can log in and make payment.

You will only be able to join once you have a photograph included on your account. The reason is your membership card includes this so cannot be printed without it. Also head shots only, no holding of fish etc.

For anybody who has no access to online facilities do not panic.we will still accept postal applications.

These can be sent to

Les Hart

28 highfield road Ipswich Ip1 6dd


  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Email address (if you have one)
  6. Vehicle registration
  7. Passport style photo
  8. Cheque for payment

We will also be continuing with an open night at Birds to allow payments to be made in cash or cheque, card in person.

We will also be able to take photographs for you as well if required.

This date will be on the ……12th April…….. from 5pm until 7pm.

The only difference is you will not collect your book or card at that time and it will arrive in the post as will everybody else’s .



Apply when told to and not before. Include everything we ask for and make sure you get your application completed within the timeframe.

We will advise when membership opens.

If upgrading do not make a payment until advised you can.

Likewise new members cannot make payment until advised they have been successful.

Upgraded members and successful new applicants will receive a link via email to allow payment. Use this link to make payment.

Dates to remember.

Current members wishing to renew can do so from 5th April until 5th May.

Existing members who wish to upgrade will be told if successful just after 5th May and have 1 week to then renew. If we have been unable to allow an upgrade due to numbers again you can then renew with your existing level of membership.

New applications who have been successful will be advised asap after the 15th May via email. The link given is time dependent and therefore needs the done fairly promptly. The reason for this is that if not taken up we can offer membership to another person on the waiting list.


The gate code for next season will NOT be printed in your book. It will be emailed out to members just before the 1st June.

The membership books and new cards will be sent out in bulk during the middle to latter part of May so therefore do not panic that you have paid and not received your new card.

Finally please bear with me this year as I hope things go smoothly and trouble free, if I have overlooked anything it will get resolved but may take time.


Les Hart

Secretary Gaps


The Annual Subscription will be due on the 1st of June of each year and last for one calendar year, or in the event of a member joining part way through the year, the remainder of the calendar year. Members will not be able to fish until they have renewed their membership.

Members who do not renew their subscriptions before June 1st of the new season will be deemed to have relinquished their membership and must therefore re-apply and the joining fee will then also apply.

Junior members are those who hold a junior E.A rod licence on the date of application

Payment – We accept payment by credit or debit card or cash when visiting the club.

To join or renew online, click on the relevant button below and complete your details.

For new members, please ensure you upload a photograph so that your photo card can be posted out to you.

Your membership booklet will be delivered via email. Should you wish to pick up a physical membership book, please contact the club to arrange postage.

There are seven membership categories:

  • Adult Member: Those aged 18 to 64 on 1st June
  • Senior Citizen: Those aged 65 and over on 1st June
  • Disabled Member: Those in possession of a concessionary disabled rod licence issued by the Environment Agency.
  • Family Member: applies to two adults living at the same address together with each of their children aged 12-15, whether natural, fostered or adopted.
  • Intermediate: Those aged 16 to 17 on 1st June
  • Junior Member: (12-15 years).
  • Rivers Ticket: Valid for fishing Rivers only.
  • Rivers Night Ticket: Valid for fishing Rivers only.

Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee and all members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence, when fishing club waters.


New Memberships will be avalible June 2023.


New members can join on 1st June 2023 will be limited spaces left

**** Membership Update 5/6/2023****

if you require a full membership for this season please email subject new membership

or click this link 

We have sold out of night tickets already 

River Tickets are still avalable

Senior Citizen£90
Intermediate 16 - 17£75
Junior - 12-15£25
Family Membership£220
Night Permit*£100
Night Permit Family*£200
Bait Boat*£40
Rivers Only£35
River Night Ticket
Membership ID Replacement Card£10

Please contact the Membership Secretary with any questions.