Causeway Lagoon

CAUSEWAY LAGOON is fed by the main lake and exits into the River Gipping. This is a fantastic winter fish refuge with all species fish present and at 16ft deep offers fantastic mixed fishing.

This is a back water of the River Gipping adjacent to Causeway Lake, the excess water from the stream which flows into Causeway outfalls into the Lagoon. There are four fishable pegs.

This venue is very deep in places, with a bed of pads in the centre, and overhanging trees in the near and far margins. The water is often coloured and when the river floods in from Causeway lake there can be a current flowing through. The depth makes this venue more suited to ledgering, although the pegs at either end are shallower close in.

The stock consists of silver fish, Tench, and surprisingly a reasonable shoal of Bream which can often be seen basking, good bags of these Bream have been caught on the feeder. It is also a good bet for catching jack Pike in the winter.

Please observe the rules as this is on the site of a working farm and shut all gates at all times when entering or leaving the property.