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Member Application 2022-23

*********Membership applications*******

Now that the AGM has been completed and membership subscriptions for 2022/23 finalised we can now look to start renewing the membership.

With books now ordered we can start the process of renewing and as soon as the printers have delivered them to us they will be posted out.

Information to Existing members ONLY

Any existing member that wants a “like for like” replacement can now go online to the website to your account, and make a payment for your membership. This will then be posted out as soon as we receive delivery of new books from the printers. Moving from a junior to intermediate or intermediate to senior etc is NOT an upgrade and can be processed as normal.

Existing members who would like to UPGRADE.

Any EXISTING member who wishes to be considered for an upgrade, I.E. adding a night ticket or from river only to full member should send an email to the following:

The email should be titled UPGRADE adding details of what type of upgrade is required.

DO NOT renew your existing membership if you are seeking to upgrade your current membership.

This email must arrive by the 16th May to be considered.

These will be looked at and if it is possible to accommodate you, you will be informed of a decision by the 21st May. You will then have 1 week to purchase the new ticket . If we are unable to accommodate the upgrade you will then have 1 week to complete your existing membership.

New membership.

Numbers of tickets available will be dependent upon the numbers of existing members who renew within the timescale given. If they have not renewed within the dates given it will be deemed they are NOT renewing and their membership will be sold to another applicant.

Any person wishing to be considered for membership needs to email :

With the title “New member application”

You will also need to state what type of membership is required. I.e. full, full + night ticket, Senior (oap) etc.

For those asking for a night ticket you will need to make clear whether membership is dependent upon a night ticket being offered as these are expected to be very limited if any are available.

It also helps if you add a few details of yourself.

These will then be discussed by the committee and those approved will be contacted. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted then the application is time dependent and needs to be completed promptly. 

Please note that I have received in excess of 80 applications from people trying to join since the start of the year so we expect demand to exceed what we have available.

Please do not try and buy a NEW membership online without having been previously contacted by us and having your application approved. Once approved you will receive the code to allow purchase of a membership. Any unauthorised attempts to do so will be blocked and only create more work for us to do which is not recommended.

Open evening

We will also hold an open evening on Wednesday May 4th for those existing members wishing to pay by cash or cheque.

This will be as usual at 

Birds Tackle , Gt Blakenham, IP6 OJB.

If you would prefer to do this, then email with the title

 “Open night”. That way I can get your book ready for collection 

Deadline dates

The timeline / deadlines for membership to renew are as follows.

Existing members who wish to renew membership closes on May 21st

Members who are upgraded have until the 28th May to complete

New members will be advised by June 1st.

Not renewing by the dates given will be deemed as you not joining and your membership may be sold.

More details of when Books will be available for river tickets from shops will follow.


Les Hart Secretary